Frequently asked questions

Useful information for the use of your sound healing harmonics bed
A guide to frequently asked questions that will help you resolve doubts and concerns.

1. What is a sound healing bed?

The sound healing bed is a bed-shaped structure, entirely made of wood, which includes a set of strings located under the area where the patient lies. When used by a therapist, the strings vibrate and generate various physical sensations that promote total relaxation and healing for a patient.

2. How does the harmonic bed work on a therapeutic level?

Our harmonic beds act at the level of the central and peripheral nervous system, unblocking energy channels of the patient who receives the vibrations throughout his/her body (neuromuscular release). They generate a deep relaxation that facilitates rest and decreases tension and stress levels.

3. What benefits do the sound beds provide?

Therapeutic sessions with sound healing beds significantly improve the quality of life both physically and emotionally:

Physical level:

They contribute to the relaxation of muscles and contractures.
They relieve pain, tension and postoperative discomfort.
They help in the treatment of chronic pain and fibromyalgia.
Decrease digestive and circulatory problems.
Detox the body
Improves rest.

Emotional level:

They generate a feeling of general well-being.
Reduce symptoms of stress, nervousness and anxiety.
They help combat symptoms of depression and anguish.
They realign the energy centers of the body.
They increase vital energy and self-esteem.

4. Do you have to know music to play the bed?

The harmonic beds have been designed to be used by anyone who wants to delve into the spectrum of sound, its vibration and its impact on the body. They are ideal for healing, curing or just being enjoyed in the comfort of your home.
It is not essential to know music to play the bed, nor to have special skills or to know advanced musical performance techniques.

Some professionals who have already verified the benefits of harmonic beds:

• Music therapists
• Sound and vibrational therapists
• Holistic therapists
• Musicians and artists
• Psychologists
• Masseurs
• Physiotherapists
• Kinesiologists
• Reiki practitioners
• Acupuncturists
• Osteopaths
• Experts in alternative therapies
• Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practitioners

5. How do I assemble the bed?

Along with the bed, you will receive a kit with the necessary elements to assemble and tune it, and an Assembly, Tuning and Care Guide that includes access to video tutorials.

The assembly of the bed is very simple and does not require great skill. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

6. Shipping & Delivery Options (Argentina-only)

We offer three options:

  1. Pick it up from our workshop with a large vehicle (Loma Verde, Partido de Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires).
  2. Shipment by freight to CABA and Greater Buenos Aires (to be quoted according to Location).
  3. Shipping by parcel (to be quoted according to Province).
7. How should the space be where the bed is located?

The harmonic bed is a large wooden instrument, so we suggest that you install it in a large space.

The environment must be optimal: with a stable temperature, neither dry nor humid.

It is also important that the floor is level for the bed to function properly.

Take care that the bed does not receive direct sun, do not place it near any source of heat (stove or air conditioning) and make sure that it is not exposed to drafts.

The acoustics of the space where you place your bed influences the resonance of its sound; We recommend taking this factor into account when choosing your location.

8. Does the bed require any special care?

The bed has a water-based polyurethane lacquer finish that generates a highly protective system against abrasion, provides resistance to humidity and provides an easy-to-clean surface.

However, as it is a delicate instrument, we suggest that you clean the bed with a soft cloth after each use, so as not to damage its surface. You can moisten the cloth with a solution of 70% alcohol and 30% water.

It is also convenient to cover it with a cover or blanket when you are not using it.

9. How do I care for the strings?

After each use, you can clean the strings with a damp cloth with a solution of 70% alcohol and 30% water. Additionally, every 15 days we suggest you use a lubricating fluid (WD40 or similar) or a special product for string cleaning. This is especially important if you live in an area high in saltpeter or with high levels of humidity.

10. How much weight can the bed support?

Our harmonic beds are built with quality wood, so they are safe and resistant. Its design and structure are specially designed to provide a solid base that guarantees that therapeutic and body work can be carried out with stability and comfort.
Our beds have been tested with people weighing up to 120 kg.

11. How do I tune the bed?

Check that all the strings are tuned to the note RE or RE sharp, Frequency Hz440 (unless your bed has been made and tuned to another note).

Before the bed leaves our workshop, we guarantee that it is in tune. In every stringed instrument it is necessary that the strings settle. For this reason, we recommend tuning them more than once until you achieve the desired sound.

You can tune in 2 ways:

  1. With a chromatic tuner.
  2. With a mobile tuning application (for example: “Fine Chromatic Tuner”).

Use the tuning key that we provide in the use kit. Place the key on the peg of each string and make it vibrate. Adjust the strings until they are all tuned to the note RE or RE sharp, Frequency Hz440. For special tunings, contact us.

Chromatic tuner

The chromatic tuner is a small, battery-operated device. It is placed next to the headstock of the bed to detect the note that sounds on each string.

Fine Chromatic Tuner

It is an easy and fast application that will allow you to tune your bed in a simple and practical way from your cell phone (unless your bed has been made and tuned to another note).

12. How do you change the strings?

The strings we use are steel (piano strings), although other types of strings can also be used, such as wound strings.

To change the strings, use one of the two spare sets we provide you in the kit. In case you do not have spare parts, you can contact us to acquire new ones.

To facilitate the change of the strings, it is convenient to place the bed upside down. The strings are placed in pairs, that is, each string covers two pegs.

Follow these steps:

You will remove the broken string and turn the peg two turns.

Place the end of the string on the first peg and turn it two turns with the tuning key so that it locks.

Cross the string over to the other side (in the opposite direction) and thread it into the lug directly in front of the peg (note carefully how the other strings are installed to perform this twist).

After twisting the string on the lug, twist the string on the next lug and come back to the end where the next peg is.

Pass the string through the peg, turn it to give it the correct tension and, with pliers, cut the part of the string that is left over.

With the help of the tuner, carry out the tuning procedure.

13. What does the warranty cover and include?

The warranty covers a period of 6 months from the day the bed is dispatched and applies only for functional failures.

It does not cover damages that could occur during the delivery trip or those caused by misuse of the instrument.

The repair service is carried out in our workshop and does not cover the delivery fees.

To ensure good use of your bed and to care for it properly, we recommend that you carefully read the recommendations on this page.