We are sound healing beds designers

A pioneering instrument that uses the power of sound to generate a state of profound relaxation, liberating tension and alleviating pain throughout the body.


The Universe vibrates: it has a rhythm, frequency and a delicate harmony.


Harmonization through sound, finding a natural frequency.


Sounds with consciousness that flow with the intention to transform and harmonize.


Armonizar a través del sonido, encontrar la frecuencia natural.


The first sound healing beds
from Argentina


The power of sound
harmonizes and transforms

Artisan built

Exclusive designs hand built by carpenters and instrument-makers

Bhumi Sound

We design and manufacture sound healing beds, a vibrational instrument that provides numerous benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Our original designs are backed up by wood craftsmanship with wood, which has been part of our lifestyle for 25 years. We use noble and high-quality materials to achieve a premier product.

Our name pays tribute to Bhumi, the Hindu goddess who represents the Earth, the giver of life, fertility and abundance. This is how we honor the gifts and materials that she gives us to create.




“I feel that it appeals to all the senses. You listen, you feel the vibration down to the last fiber, in the whole body. It felt like a reset, because I got up from the table totally relaxed, light, but afterwards I felt powerful, as if I had been totally recharged.”

(E.L., 25 years old)

“It is something special, rarely experienced. It transports you to stillness, serenity. The sounds go through the body and make you feel something unique, unexpected. Relaxation to the max. Definitely a must try.”

(M.R., 61 years old)

“I came home super relaxed, I wouldn’t stop yawning. At night I slept like never before! It also helped me purify my body, activating the proper functioning of my intestines.”

(S.W., 57 years old)